Über Child Of Play

Wherever they come from, whatever their culture or religion, whatever their good or bad experiences, whatever their age or gender – they all are children and they all have the right to love, understanding, a family and a child adequate live full of play.

Our intention is a call to action that aims at crossing borders and going beyond gender and cultural differences by giving the children a “voice” through the power of their own imagination and their own dreams.

Our approach is allowing the children to express them-selves on something, which is bigger than them, both physically and intellectually by combining playful education and sharing artistic skills with the young generations.

Our aim is these creative expressions spreading awareness for essential values which all the young generations shall have the chance to build their future on.

This is what the CHILD OF PLAY is about: to look into children’s rights and desires together with the children and young generations, to discuss, to learn, to create and to translate into visible messages in a common process of togetherness. By offering a creative vehicle, the final results, happenings, outcomes simply are unpredictable and depend on the development of the entire creative process together with the children and youth – this is what the freedom & message of art shall be about… LET’ S PLAY TOGETHER!

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